[not] a regular payment solution powerhouse
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We handle payment, banking and tech needs. All of them.

What the Fyst?

We provide complex payment solutions for globally regulated industries and all online businesses within.

You get ongoing support, tech supervision, implementation, integration, advising, and maintenance. Any time, any request.


People-first approach is the foundation
of our work.
We are safe
We are safe
Fraud-free online payment solutions and services, with complete safety and privacy ensured.
We are transparent
We are
You are aware of everything that's going on, with instant access to a customized merchant portal.
We are puprose-made
We are
You seek unique solutions, we find them. Perfect-fit partnership ecosystem, selected based on your needs.
We are client-focused
We are
Easy integration, constant support,
and other needs handled as requested.
We make it smooth for you.
Our business vision extends above and beyond specific industry or geography

We are experts in e-commerce and fintech, no matter where you do it. Each clients gets a personal account manager available 24/7.

Our connections with an extensive global network of payment method providers brings flexibility multiplied by worldwide coverage.

We make sure you can easily receive settlements, transfer funds to your bank account, pay your vendors or convert funds into alternative currencies across the globe.

All combined with our signature personal approach.

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No-hassle integration and implementation. So effortlessly blending into your existing infrastructure, it hurts.
Tech supervision and strategic guidance to help you solve the most complex cases, no matter what.
Ensured maintenance to remain up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. Whatever happens.
Dedicated support when/if you face a challenge. Flawless payment day-to-day operations.
We're Hiring

We’re always looking for hungry and ambitious people to work alongside.

For us, the result is king. It is always rewarding and always rewarded. We make waves, we create trends, we instigate change.

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